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tirsdag den 25. maj 2010

Happy Days

We had the best weekend at Troels birthday! People from both our families were out of town, so we decided to enjoy a special family birthday, just the three of us :)

We started the day by surprising Dad with a birhtday song and home-made brunch. As you can tell, not only Dad enjoyed a private birthday party;)

Gabriel & me gave Dad a giftvoucher to get a real Thai-massage (which believe me is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!). So after brunch, Troels was of to heaven!
Then lunch in one of our favorite resturants, then enjoying good weather and family-time.
For dinner, we had every students favorite luxury dish: juicy salmon..mmmMH!
After a long day of just pure relaxitiona and enjoyment, Gabriel went to bed with a smile.
Mom & Dad could then enjoy dessert! Danish strawberrycake, a rented movie and our favorite candy...all to be savoured in the coziness of our sofa...words cannot describe what a wonderful perfect day this was! We even forgot to stop and take pictures, we just drifted along as the good times went on:)

On sunday-after a good time in church - we went with Gabriels granddad for a ride around the countryside. This little trip was a perfect ending to a wonderful weekend. We drove through a beautiful setting of trees, flowers and landscapes just beaming with spring colors. We saw deer in the sunlight, we dreamed when driving by beautiful country houses and stopped to inhale the sun set over the fjord...*sigh*

We truly are blessed to experience moments like these.!

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