A Day in the Life ...

søndag den 15. juli 2012

...I almost made it two years without entering a new post, my goodness!  
Instead of trying to embark the impossible and catch up on what's been going on for the last two years, I will just take it from here...

It's vacationtime. Blessed vacationtime! 

We have two weeks of pure qualitytime together as a family. And how we have needed it. Our vacation has been my point of orientation the last weeks at work, and it kept me going.  Life has been a bit tough with Adrian's sickness and visits to the hospital added to the life of a busy little family.  And due to the precautions we've been asked to take in regard to Adrian, we've had to adjust being limited socially. And we miss seeing family & friends, but hope that  the future will allow us to cathc up on lost opportunities:)

Our first week has been filled with all sort of fun times! This family has longed for fun times and boy did we hun them down: daily trips to playgrunds, the habour, downtown Roskilde, a trip to Malmø, a roadtrip to Holbæk, Asnæs, Høve Beach and Cirkus Baldoni.

It's been fun and we've all been deadtired at the end of the day, but slept with a smile on our faces. It's vacationtime, and the fun & familytime has begun!

(I always forget to take pictures!! I'm too busy savouring the moment and forget. Must take pictures, must take pictures, must take....)

Here are a few (yes, few) pictures of happy moments during our first week:

 Happy summer!

lørdag den 17. juli 2010

Sweet summer shots

As promised, I've finally posted a few (read: very few) photos from our blissful moments in July.
These first few pictures are from our vacation in a summerhouse on the westside of Sjælland.
It such a good time, where time just seemed to not exist!

It was soooo hot when we came, so the little munchkins were stripped to their diapers and enjoyed being cooled of in their little play-cage.

Yet another very hot day required some cooling! So in they went in their little pool, and oh did they enjoy splashing about making big baby waves with their little baby-arms.
This is Gabriel and his friend Emma, in her cute little bathingsuit!

One day we went to a small village called Reersø, which was such a cosy little place! I wish I had more pictures from our little trip. But I'm always busy enjoying the moment, that I always forget to take some pictures...anywho...we were looking for stamps so we could send some postcards. And we thought we found the postoffice...alas...it was now made into a B&B...:)

A teeny tiny house but with an amazing view of both fields and the fjord.
...the gang on a mission: exploring Reersø!
This was a moment in heaven: by the habour was this cozy little local fish-shop, selling homemade fresh fish-dishes and with small café tables outside, so you could enjoy a good meal and a wonderful view of the ocean. I enjoyed my salmon-frikadeller and Troels his smoked salmon sandwich, and to top it of, Søborggård lemonade. Gabriel loves food and enjoyed getting fed small bites from mom & dad's plate. And he drank half my lemonade!..and it was only supposed to be a taste!
Mom & son, looking very 1920'ish
Having a bath in the zink, just barely fitting in there:)
At Lola's (Lola: philippino for grandma) house, enjoying a snack
"Just take the picture, Dad!"
Sweet Naptime with Dad. Ah, I'll just let the next few pictures speak for themselves ...

Mom & Dad had been on a long-awaited date. Yet, it still is so good to be 3 again, after just being to two of us. Gabriel is so tired, it's ten o'clock in the evening on our walk back home from the sitters (aka. Grandma & Grandad Jørgensen:) Thank you very much!

Preparing for his trip into dreamland: blanky, his monkey-friend and a bottle of warm milk. Sweet dreams!

tirsdag den 13. juli 2010

Summer has come!

Yay! Summer is here and that means quality time big time! Gabs and I have been waiting for Troels to get off school for the summer, so the three of us could get started on all the summefun:)

A busy boy: One of my favorite views is Gabriels little neck when he's busy examining things. This is from Grandma Jørgensens garden.

Look at the proportions of that little baby-body...I love it! Little thick feet and arms to match the cheeky cheeks.

Gabriel looking at his beloved uncle Kasper, whose seeting up a tent for Gabriel.

Here are a few pictures of Gabriel on Granddad Jørgensen boat - which he build himself! (isn't that amazing?! I'm proud of myself if I get dinner done, so I guess I have a long ways to go...;)
This little family-outing was wonderful. We enjoyed the fresh cool air, the beautiful sights and we even saw swanes flying low, right by us!

Now this must be baby-heaven: enjoying a bottle of warm milk, wrapped in a baby-blanket and being rocked to sleep by the sound and motions of soft waves! He feel asleep and slept for the whole time we were out on the fjord.

Baby Gabriel before his nap: happy as can be, looking up at Captain Grandpa. We didn't have a life-vest for Gabriel this day, but I'm sure his cheeks would've held him up, if anything happened!
...more admiring stares from Gabriel
Gabriel wrapped in momma-love and blankets. His first time on the sea.

Since our summervacation started 10 days ago, we've already had so many good times! We've enjoyed a stay at a summer-house with friends near a little village called Reersø, had a wonderful time at my best friends hawaiian wedding and visited my parents and being spoiled with good food ...all of which I need to post pictures!
But I am enjoying every second of our summer, especially having Troels with us! Summer - here we come!!

tirsdag den 25. maj 2010

Mini-cruise to Oslo

... So it all started with me and two friends were talking about our best friend Michelle. Michelle is getting married to a very nice man, who we will call Mr. Y. But Michelle is moving to Hawaii and we will miss her terribly! So we were talking about how cool it would be if just the four of us friends, could have a little trip and create memories for all us to have and keep now that Mr. Y is stealing Michelle away;)
..Lo and behold, only days after this little daydreaming-session, we wun a crusie to Oslo!!
Oh, there were tears and jumps of joy! Husbands and babies were sending us of to a 2 ½ day girlie-trip to Olso, sending us back to the days when your mind was worry-free and all you had to think about was...you!
... I will post some pictures of our trip, if Becca is kind to lend me some copies:)
So with them will follow some stories and tales from our trip!
But it was fanatstic and I enjoyed e-v-e-r-y second of it!
A big Thank You to Troels, who send me on my way, promising all would be well, and texting me small messages of comfort.such as "Gabriel is laughing and having a good time" or "Your baby is sleeping like an angel". And Thank You, Ladies, for a wondeful trip!

Happy Days

We had the best weekend at Troels birthday! People from both our families were out of town, so we decided to enjoy a special family birthday, just the three of us :)

We started the day by surprising Dad with a birhtday song and home-made brunch. As you can tell, not only Dad enjoyed a private birthday party;)

Gabriel & me gave Dad a giftvoucher to get a real Thai-massage (which believe me is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!). So after brunch, Troels was of to heaven!
Then lunch in one of our favorite resturants, then enjoying good weather and family-time.
For dinner, we had every students favorite luxury dish: juicy salmon..mmmMH!
After a long day of just pure relaxitiona and enjoyment, Gabriel went to bed with a smile.
Mom & Dad could then enjoy dessert! Danish strawberrycake, a rented movie and our favorite candy...all to be savoured in the coziness of our sofa...words cannot describe what a wonderful perfect day this was! We even forgot to stop and take pictures, we just drifted along as the good times went on:)

On sunday-after a good time in church - we went with Gabriels granddad for a ride around the countryside. This little trip was a perfect ending to a wonderful weekend. We drove through a beautiful setting of trees, flowers and landscapes just beaming with spring colors. We saw deer in the sunlight, we dreamed when driving by beautiful country houses and stopped to inhale the sun set over the fjord...*sigh*

We truly are blessed to experience moments like these.!