A Day in the Life ...

tirsdag den 13. juli 2010

Summer has come!

Yay! Summer is here and that means quality time big time! Gabs and I have been waiting for Troels to get off school for the summer, so the three of us could get started on all the summefun:)

A busy boy: One of my favorite views is Gabriels little neck when he's busy examining things. This is from Grandma Jørgensens garden.

Look at the proportions of that little baby-body...I love it! Little thick feet and arms to match the cheeky cheeks.

Gabriel looking at his beloved uncle Kasper, whose seeting up a tent for Gabriel.

Here are a few pictures of Gabriel on Granddad Jørgensen boat - which he build himself! (isn't that amazing?! I'm proud of myself if I get dinner done, so I guess I have a long ways to go...;)
This little family-outing was wonderful. We enjoyed the fresh cool air, the beautiful sights and we even saw swanes flying low, right by us!

Now this must be baby-heaven: enjoying a bottle of warm milk, wrapped in a baby-blanket and being rocked to sleep by the sound and motions of soft waves! He feel asleep and slept for the whole time we were out on the fjord.

Baby Gabriel before his nap: happy as can be, looking up at Captain Grandpa. We didn't have a life-vest for Gabriel this day, but I'm sure his cheeks would've held him up, if anything happened!
...more admiring stares from Gabriel
Gabriel wrapped in momma-love and blankets. His first time on the sea.

Since our summervacation started 10 days ago, we've already had so many good times! We've enjoyed a stay at a summer-house with friends near a little village called Reersø, had a wonderful time at my best friends hawaiian wedding and visited my parents and being spoiled with good food ...all of which I need to post pictures!
But I am enjoying every second of our summer, especially having Troels with us! Summer - here we come!!